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2022 Reservation & Rental Agreement

1.  Check the availability of specific dates on our Calendar page

2.  Email cabanaclubrental@gmail.com to confirm availability as there can be a delay in updating of the calendar. Once you receive confirmation of your date requested, then:

3.  Complete and submit the JotForm: 2022 Reservation and Rental Agreement.   This link is for PAYMENT as well via PayPal.

You are NOT assured a reservation until you receive a confirmation email that we have received the completed form and deposit/fees.

For rental inquiries or questions, contact the club lessor, Jessica Thoma at cabanaclubrental@gmail.com.

Additional party documents - BRING COPIES:

Party Sign-in Sheet

Rental agreement 2022.docx

Cleaning Check List 2022.docx


Print and bring these with you on the day of the party. 

The Basics

  • You must be a current club member to book a party rental.
  • Facilities available: clubhouse, kitchen, bathrooms, pergola, picnic tables, white chairs, volleyball, and refrigerator/freezer in the kitchen
  • All facilities are available at the start time of your reserved party. There is no early entry to prepare or set up for the party. The staff cannot allow entry to the Club prior to the reserved start time.
  • Please see Rental Rules for current Covid guidelines and restrictions.
  •  Lifeguards must be present any time members or guests are present. 
  • All non-member guests must be counted - even if they do not intend to use the pool. 
  • All guests (members and non members) must have a signed hold harmless form on file at the Club. Please print out as many copies as you need for your guests.

 Cancellation Policy:  Parties cancelled more than seven business days before party date will receive a full refund.  Cancellations received less than seven days before reserved date can be refunded minus a $50 cancellation fee.  No changes can be made within 72 hours of the booked party date.

Cancellation Policy due to AQI issues:

We close the pool when the AQI (air quality index) meets or exceeds 150 (micrograms per cubic meter) of PM 2.5 (particulate matter of 2.5 microns or less in diameter). That's red air on the AQI.  We use the Purple Air sensor located at the club. If the Club closes due to high AQI, the Lessor will first attempt to reschedule the party rental. In the event that is not feasible, the Lessee will be refunded 90% of the paid rental fee. 




The Rental Fees for 2022

  • All fees must be paid in full via PayPal in order to reserve your party rental. First come first serve.
  • The reservation must be made by a current member.
  • Lifeguards are included in the cost of all parties. 

Parties During Regular Open Hours: 3 Hours

 Number of Guests
(Members do NOT count)
6-10 Guests
Does not include use of the pergola
11-25 Guests
includes use of the pergola

26-50 Guests
includes use of the pergola

(will be evaluated closer to regular season)

not currently available



Parties During Non-Open Hours: 3 Hours

Number of Guests 


                                76-150 $485


Parties During Non-Open Hours: 4 Hours

Number of Guests


                             76-150 $625

School Parties or Non-Profit Organizations

During Non Club Hours

Note: Only club members representing the school organization can rent the pool.

Number of guests

Rental Fee

 Up to 150 people
 3 Hours

  Up to 150 people
  4 Hours

The Cabana Club can provide the required insurance and lifeguard certification documentation for Sacramento City Unified School District.

Cabana Club Rental Rules 2022 – Private Parties

1.     Lessee will be responsible for all damages to the clubhouse, grounds and parking lot that occur while the renting party is in attendance. This includes, but is not limited to, the furniture, drapes, walls, windows, carpeting, appliances, barbecues, sports equipment, outdoor tables, plants and pool.

2.     Lessee agrees that all areas of the Cabana Club will be returned to the same condition as received, including stacking and returning chairs to the clubhouse, cleaning the clubhouse floors and kitchen area counters, returning all barbeques, and removing all trash and litter.

3.     Lessee agrees to pay for any cleaning and/or repairs that are needed as a result of my use of the facility.

4.     Lessee agrees to follow and enforce the CDC Guidelines and the County of Sacramento Guidelines for a private gatherings during Covid-19 restrictions. 

5.     Any personal injury to guest or renter is the lessee responsibility.

6.     No pets are allowed.

7.     Food, drinks, and containers are not allowed near the pool or decking.

8.     Facility Amenities:

a. Limited use of the Clubhouse including the refrigerator/freezer and kitchen sink. Please limit use to adult members only.

b. Available: bathrooms, white plastic chairs, unused picnic tables, games and with certain rentals, the pergola.

9.     Any child under 5 years old and non-swimmers shall be accompanied by an adult when in the pool.

10.  No alcoholic beverages will be served or available in the clubhouse, grounds or parking lot for youth parties (under age 21). At least two adults for every 25 youth must be present at all times during such events.

11. Maximum attendance is dictated by rental agreement..

12. The party shall not disturb the peace and quiet of the neighborhood.  Any DJs or bands shall be set up inside the clubhouse of the clubhouse and only with the permission of the lessor.

13.  Charging admission to parties or events is NOT permissible.

14.  If any problem arises that the lessee cannot handle, lessee will immediately call 911

15.  Lessee and guests agree to hold harmless the Cabana Club, its Board Members, and all club members from all legal action from any negligence of any employee or member.

16.  Lessee agrees that any personal injury to any guests is the solely the Lessee’s responsibility.

17. Lessee agrees that if legal action is necessary to recover any funds or to enforce any terms that the prevailing party will be entitled to all reasonable attorneys and court fees.

18.  Lessee confirms membership for 2022 at the Cabana Club.


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