In November 2012, the Board of Directors approved updated bylaws for Greenhaven '70 Cabana Club South. The new bylaws were drafted by legal counsel with expertise in non-profit organizations and comply with statutes applicable to California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporations and IRS requirements for non-profit organizations.

The new bylaws will provide greater transparency in club operations and help ensure the safety, fiscal stability, proper management and oversight, and protection of Greenhaven Cabana Club South.Some of the important changes in the bylaws are:

  • Complies with state and federal laws for non-profit organizations.
  • Ensures that no member is liable for the club’s debts, liabilities, or obligations. In each membership family, one person is designated as the voting member.
  • Requires an annual report of activities and club finances be prepared.
  • Spells out a clearer process for terminating and expelling members for cause, including non-payments, violating club rules, or if they have ‘engaged in conduct unbecoming or prejudicial to the purposes and interests of the corporation.’
  • Allows official club business, such as annual meeting notices and ballots, to be sent by email upon request by members. Otherwise, official business will be sent by first class mail with specified time frames to allow for member review and input. (Newsletters and other general information can still be sent by email.)

  • Clarifies roles and responsibilities of board of directors and officers, sets strict requirements for record-keeping, centralized filing, insurance and liability protection.

The bylaws were approved unanimously by a quorum of the membership at the November 8, 2012 annual meeting. It is the intention of the Board of Directors and Officers of the club to regularly review the bylaws in future years and make changes, if necessary and as appropriate, that are in the best interest of the club and its members.

Click to open the .pdf file of the bylaws: Greenhaven '70 Cabana Club South Bylaws

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