Thank you for your interest in joining! Memberships are SOLD OUT for 2022. Memberships will only be available via our waitlist if we have a cancellation. Email us at cabanaclubsouth@gmail.com with the subject line "Cancellation Waitlist" to be put on the waitlist for 2022. 

Social distancing guidelines and an all-day reservation system are in effect again this season.  Please read here to learn more before joining. Please note: Memberships are non-refundable after May 20, 2022 or one week prior to the pool opening. Our anticipated opening is May 27th, though this may be delayed due to COVID-19 restrictions. 


General Membership - $495 for the 2022 season 


  • Discounts for swim lessons
  • 10 guest passes;
A general membership covers family members living in the same household. It does not cover your grown children living elsewhere and their families. It does not cover your friends and their children. 

Individual Membership (formerly Senior) - $250 for the 2022 season. 


  • full access to the club during regular hours
  • 5 guest passes

Membership for one person, age 18 and up. 

Guest Passes

  • Available for both general and individual memberships
  • Paid at time of visit
  • You may bring a maximum of 5 non-member guests at any time
  • Larger groups require a party reservation which will return in 2022.

Our club is sustainable only when the rules for membership are followed so we appreciate you help in making sure this is done. The Cabana Club South is a non-profit and we maintain the pool with the money paid through memberships.



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