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Questions & Answers about Cabana Club South Policies and Rules


For safety reasons, glass containers of any kind are not allowed on Cabana Club South property. 

Thank you for your cooperation!

What is "Adult Swim?" 

  • Adult Swim is the first 20 minutes of each hour (except the first hour of the day). 
  • At the top of the hour, all children must get out of the pool as quickly as possible. No sitting on the stairs or dangling feet in the pool, either.
  • Adults may be in the pool to stay cool and just relax. Others may use the time for lap swim. Whatever you choose, be respectful of other people's space.
  • Children are allowed to swim laps during this time, but children who are not actively swimming will be asked to get out of the pool.
  • During adult only hours on weekends, NO children are allowed on club property for any reason. If you are setting up for a party, please make childcare arrangements off site.  This will be strictly enforced.

Can Grandparents or a Babysitter Bring my Kids to the Club? 

  • We do allow caregivers, including babysitters who are 16 years or older and extended family, to bring children of member families to the club.
  • If caregivers don't go into the pool, they won't need a guest pass. If they do swim or accompany a child in the water, they will need a guest pass.
  • Caregivers may not come to the pool without the members.
  • We want to be flexible to family conditions, but also fair to other dues-paying members and protect the financial integrity and safety of the club.
  • Your best bet? If you have a regular caregiver who will be bringing your kids to the club, or have questions about our policy, email or talk to us ahead of time so we can address any concerns.

Who Runs the Club? 

  • A nine-member Board of Directors is elected by the membership each fall. 
  • Board members volunteer more than 1,000 hours each year to keep things running smoothly. It's a lot of work, but we all believe Cabana Club is a neighborhood treasure and a great place for families to have fun, meet friends, and make memories. 
  • Our duties include maintenance of the property, membership, party rentals, social activities, communication and outreach, supervising the staff, finances, and all the administrative duties of managing an organization. We strive to make every visit a great experience for you. 
  • If there's something that needs attention or you have a suggestion, let us know. 

This year's Board is: 
Henry Calanchini, President
Stephanie Bird, Vice President and Staff Supervisor
Erin Aitali, Treasurer
Holly Reynolds, Secretary

Jessica Thoma, Lessor/Event Rental Coordinator
Chris Castagna, Social Coordinator

Gianni Sedda, Maintenance
Carrie Buckman, Membership

Ann Crisp, Communications


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