Who runs the club?

  • A nine-member Board of Directors is elected by the membership each fall. 
  • Board members volunteer more than 1,000 hours each year to keep things running smoothly. It's a lot of work, but we all believe Cabana Club is a neighborhood treasure and a great place for families to have fun, meet friends, and make memories. 
  • Our duties include maintenance of the property, membership, party rentals, social activities, communication and outreach, supervising the staff, finances, and all the administrative duties of managing an organization. We strive to make every visit a great experience for you. 
  • If there's something that needs attention or you have a suggestion, let us know by submitting a suggestion to our Suggestion Box found here.

What is the difference between a general/individual membership and a lesson membership?

Lesson memberships are for those individuals who wish to enroll their children in swim lessons but do not have a general or individual membership.

General/Individual memberships do not need to purchase a swim lesson membership as they receive lesson discounts as part of their membership tier.

Please Note: We created the lesson membership in 2023 to be in compliance with IRS regulations for non-profits.

Why can individual memberships no longer purchase additional guest passes?

In the past there has been some confusion regarding whether people should select a general or individual membership with several members joining as an individual member and using guest passes to bring family members to the club to save money. To deter this from happening in the future the individual membership can no longer purchase guest passes beyond the 5 they receive as part of their membership tier.

If you have more than one person that resides in your household that you would like to have club access, please purchase a general membership. Thank you for your understanding.

I have a nanny/grandparent who takes care of my kids. Do they have to have a membership? 

One caretaker may come with member children in lieu of a member parent/guardian as part of the General membership, as long as they have a valid waiver on file.

Caretakers may not come to the club without the member family. Caretakers must have a guest pass when they come to the club with the membership holders as a guest, not in a caretaker capacity.

Do you have to reserve the barbecue grills at the Club?

Members do not have to reserve the barbecue grills but you must bring your own charcoal. The Club does provide grilling utensils as well as a brush so that you can clean the grill after use.

What is the definition of non-swimming children?

Non-swimming children are defined as having minimum water competency skills including: able to enter the water, get a breath, stay afloat, change position, swim a distance and then get out of the water safely. For non-swimming children, a parent/caregiver must be in the pool with them at all times and within arms reach of the child. Rings, arm floaties, lifejackets, vests or any floatation device do not replace the parent’s responsibility for that child. 

What is "adult swim"?

The club offers adult swim time 20 minutes at the top of the hour beginning 1 hour after opening. As this coincides with lifeguard breaks, it is important to keep the pool at a limited capacity during this time. Additional rules are as follows:

  • Children 8 or older that are strong swimmers and can continuously swim for 2 laps or more may utilize this time to do laps but lifeguards may use their discretion to ask children to leave the pool if they are struggling or interfering with adults doing laps. Please Note: Adult swim time is NOT a time to teach your children how to swim.
  • We request that lap swimming take place on the far side of the pool closest to the pump house to avoid bumping into floating adults. 
  • Adults may be in the pool to stay cool and just relax. Others may use the time for lap swim. Whatever you choose, be respectful of other people's space.
  • During adult only hours on weekends, NO children are allowed on club property for any reason. If you are setting up for a party, please make childcare arrangements off site.  This will be strictly enforced.

Can pool toys be used at the pool?

We get this question a lot and the answer depends to some degree on how busy the pool is and whether the items are being used safely. Some toys are fine on a quiet day but when it's crowded, our lifeguards may tell you not to use them.  It might seem inconsistent, but our goal is to ensure the safety of all swimmers and the comfort of those around the pool deck. Generally, the rules are:

  • Dos: Pool and beach toys that are 12" or smaller if they do not interfere with other swimmers. Soft splash balls. Diving sticks and rings. Water wings and other small personal flotation devices.
  • Dont's: Water balloons, any kind of squirting toys, tubes or guns. Footballs and other items that are not designed for water play. Large floating inflatables (think alligators and dolphins), mats or large inner tubes. Mermaid or mono fins as they restrict movement.
  • Throwing balls or other objects over large areas where swimmers are present is not permitted. Same goes for throwing kids!  

A full list of pool toys allowed can be found on our Rules page here.

What is the water temperature in the pool?

We aim to keep the water temperature at 83 degrees F. It may fluctuate a bit due to varying weather conditions.

Air Quality Closure Rules

The Cabana Club will be closed to our members if the Air Quality Index (AQI) reaches or exceeds 151. The AQI is a standardized index used to communicate air quality levels. An AQI value of 151 or higher indicates that the air quality is unhealthy and may cause health risks.

In the event that air quality meets or exceeds 151, the following procedures will be followed:

  • Immediate Closure: Once it is determined that the AQI is 151 or higher, the pool facility will be closed immediately to all members and staff. Please note: The Board may at times take preemptive action if air quality is expected to reach levels that would exceed 151 and close the pool early to ensure the safety of our community
  • Notification: An official announcement of the pool facility closure will be made through various channels, including but not limited to: Posting notices at the pool entrance, Updating the pool facility's website with closure information and Sending notifications to our members via email
  • Reopening: The pool facility will remain closed until air quality level is below 151 and the Club has available staffing to cover the pool reopening

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