• Upon arrival, please check in with the greeters, or sign yourself in (binder located by front gate), if there is no greeter. Please report/mark the appropriate number of guests.
  • Members receive 10 guest passes per year (Individual Members receive 5). Guests must be accompanied by an adult member* (over 16). Additional guest passes may be purchased by cash or check for $5 each. 
  • *Exception: Non-member babysitters/caregivers/ grandparents may bring a member’s children to the club. A guest pass is not required if these non-members do not use the pool.
  • Members may only use 5 passes per visit. Use of more than 5 passes per visit requires a “Party Rental Agreement” and payment of rental fees. Unauthorized parties are subject to additional fees.


  • Please only eat and drink items you have brought to the club. The refrigerator is for club staff and member use. Do no take items that are not yours and ensure your children do the same.
  • Eating and drinking are limited to the covered pavilion area and the grass.  Eating in the pool or on the pool deck are never allowed. Alcohol use is allowed by adults with responsible behavior. Glass bottles or containers are not allowed anywhere on Club property. If a member is demonstrating signs of intoxication, they will be asked to leave for the day.
  • Profane language, roughhousing, dangerous, or disrespectful behavior may result in temporary or permanent revocation of membership.
  • Many of our members prefer not to hear music being played while at the club. Therefore, audible personal music is permitted only at volume levels that will not disturb others. Speakers are not allowed in the pool or on the pool deck. If another person's music is bothering you, and you are not comfortable saying something to them, please bring it to the attention of a lifeguard, or a board member if present. 
  • Please clean up your area before leaving. Return chairs and grills; remove all party decorations and dispose of trash and recycling properly. It is not the lifeguards' duty to clean up after members.
  • All personal property is your own responsibility. Items in the lost and found will be removed periodically without notice.
  • Members and guests may not sell products or services on club property.
  • Pets and smoking are not allowed on club property.
  • Members are asked to follow all posted signs and should questions arise about any policy, please email the Board of Directors at


  • Running is only allowed on the grass areas. Please enforce this with your children. It is for their safety.
  • Member children who are 12 years and older or entering the 7th grade are allowed to be at the club without an adult, with a signed permission slip (yearly). The child must pass the club’s swim test and follow all rules and regulations or be subject to loss of this privilege.
  • For non-swimming children, a parent must be in the pool with them at all times. Rings, arm floaties, lifejackets, vests or any floatation device do not replace the parent’s responsibility for that child.
  • Children who are not potty-trained must wear a swim diaper while in the pool. Please follow this rule because the pool will have to close if anyone defecates in the pool.
  • Proper swimwear is required due to safety and health issues. Street clothes of any kind are not allowed in the pool.
  • Pool toys may be used unless the lifeguard(s) judge it to be a danger based on its use or due to safety during periods of high congestion in the pool. Generally, the club allows soft splash balls, diving toys, goggles, kickboards, soft flexible flippers intended for pool, pool noodles, small personal flotation devices (if worn by a child, he or she must be monitored by an adult in the water). We do not allow water guns, water balloons, any squirting toys, or tubes, large flippers, footballs, and larger inflatable toys that are for sitting on in any way, or any toy that is not designed to be a pool toy.
  • Mermaid tails are not allowed because they create unnecessary risk to our patrons by restricting swimming ability, especially for weak swimmers and children.
  • The clubhouse is not a place for children to play. The doors opening to the side street are left unlocked during business hours for fire code.



Please save your non-urgent questions for Adult Swim or between sessions. 

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